MolinaCares Commitment

Molina of Ohio is providing Ohio’s Medicaid patients with high-quality health coverage – resulting in better health outcomes for Ohioans across the state. Molina continues to provide excellent care for Ohioans with a commitment to quality care, optimized physician communications and services, and a greater focus on women and children.

Working every day to improve the lives of our members

MolinaCares is dedicated to improving health outcomes with a focus on promoting women’s health, keeping families and children healthy, providing quality care and helping those living with illnesses. See how we’re working with community based organizations, local government leaders, health care providers, and others to keep our members healthy.

Press Releases

12/21/23 The Molina Healthcare Charitable Foundation Gives $30,0000 Grant to United Way of Summit & Medina to Sponsor Stuff the Bus and Resource Closet

9/9/23 Molina Healthcare of Ohio Sponsors African American Male Wellness 5K Where Molina Member Vows to Break Generational Cycle of Unhealthy Outcomes

6/20/23 The MolinaCares Accord Invests $1.5 Million to Launch Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging Program Addressing Social Determinants of Health for Seniors and People with Disabilities

6/9/23 Molina Healthcare of Ohio Supports New and Expectant Mothers in Need with $10,0000 Grant to the Southeast Ohio Foodbank

3/4/23 Molina Healthcare of Ohio Distributes Essentials to More Than 700 Families Impacted by East Palestine Train Derailment

03/08/2022 The MolinaCares Accord Donates Over $8.8 Million in 2021

06/29/2021 The MolinaCares Accord Supports Make-A-Day Foundation’s Mobile Kitchen Serving the Hungry in Columbus 

01/13/2021 The MolinaCares Accord Announces Support to Groundwork Ohio to Launch the Center for Family Voice

01/12/2021 The MolinaCares Accord to Improve Minority Access to Dental Care Through New Ohio Scholarship Program

01/08/2021 Molina Healthcare of Ohio and Cityblock Health

07/23/2020 The Molina Healthcare “It Matters to Molina” Program Strives to Increase Provider Engagement and Satisfaction and Improve Members’ Health Outcomes

06/22/2020 Molina Healthcare Tackles Health Disparities in the Buckeye State

05/13/2020 Molina Healthcare of Ohio Accelerates Needed Support and Resources for Women and New Mothers

04/02/2020 Molina Healthcare of Ohio Announces $150,000 Commitment to Fund Purchase of Personal Protective Equipment and Other Essential Supplies

03/19/2020 Molina Healthcare of Ohio Takes Measures to Provide New Resources to Support Members Due to COVID-19