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The Molina Healthcare “It Matters to Molina” Program Strives to Increase Provider Engagement and Satisfaction and Improve Members’ Health Outcomes

COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 23, 2020 – Molina Healthcare of Ohio’s (“Molina”) “It Matters to Molina” program prioritizes connecting directly with its network of over 34,000…

COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 23, 2020 – Molina Healthcare of Ohio’s (“Molina”) “It Matters to Molina” program prioritizes connecting directly with its network of over 34,000 providers and supporting their efforts to deliver high-quality and efficient health care for Molina members. Through the “It Matters to Molina” program, Molina dedicates employees to intake and resolve provider questions and solicit feedback from its network providers and their administrative staff about ways Molina can improve its technology, tools, and processes to minimize administrative hurdles and improve the delivery of care for members. Molina solicits this feedback through a multi-pronged approach: blocking time at the end of provider training sessions or conference presentations, a prompt on the provider website inviting providers to share comments, and our monthly It Matters to Molina call-in forums. Molina analyzes and applies provider feedback to design new solutions in an effort to simplify the way providers engage with the health plan. Molina has received praise from network providers on its ability to work one-on-one, as partners, to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

“‘It Matters to Molina’ says it all,” said Ami Cole, Plan President of Molina Healthcare of Ohio. “Molina values the important relationship with our network providers, and the ‘It Matters to Molina’ program is designed to solicit direct and candid input on how we can make it easier to work with Molina.  The end goal is to support Molina providers so they can focus on caring for our members, resulting in the best health outcomes for Ohioans.”

“It Matters to Molina” is a provider engagement program where Molina responds to the needs of our network in the following ways:

  • Hosting monthly provider forums: Structured, yet open, conversations between Molina and providers on topics important to them, their patients, and their business.
  • Educating providers: Training sessions focused on the tools and resources Molina offers for network care teams and how to access them.
  • Targeted response to public health crises: Donating personal protective equipment, accelerating payments and financial support, dedicated care coordination resources, and providing additional telehealth training and support to network providers to keep them safe as they battle the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Connecting to Care Management: Working with providers and their staff to steer members in need to Molina Care Managers, who can help support members through their care plan and connecting members with needed social services.
  • Open communication: Consistently soliciting feedback from network providers on how Molina can improve its technology, tools, and processes.

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