The MolinaCares Accord

Building stronger communities… one life at a time

The MolinaCares Accord is a commitment to building stronger communities through improving people’s health and lives. MolinaCares channels substantial investments into solving the many gaps that exist in the access to, and delivery of, health care today.

Our Vision

Throughout our 40-year history, Molina has been a champion of community involvement and charitable giving. That’s why we created The MolinaCares Accord – to demonstrate our commitment to communities across the country through philanthropic investment, educational programming and community partnerships.

Our Work


In Arizona, we are dedicated to improving the overall well-being of those we serve. The MolinaCares Accord is proud to partner with Valley Leadership and other community organizations in the state. We continue to host virtual panels on important health care related topics, like behavioral health in a pandemic.


Founded in Long Beach over 40 years ago, we are dedicated to providing quality care to all Californians. The MolinaCares Accord invests in the communities it serves through vaccination clinics and programs like the California Equity and Accessibility Initiative, where we have committed $1.6 million to advance health equity throughout the state.


In Florida, MolinaCares is dedicated to addressing the needs of the community. MolinaCares, in collaboration with Molina Healthcare of Florida, has focused on addressing food security and providing support to individuals and the families of individuals who are experiencing mental health challenges.


In Michigan, MolinaCares is dedicated to closing health equity gaps and investing in community partnerships to provide resources to address issues like homelessness, food insecurity and combat social injustices throughout the state.


Providing access to care in Mississippi is a priority for The MolinaCares Accord. Through a multi-year commitment, MolinaCares is investing $1.25 million to improve access to healthy foods and health education in the Delta region through partnerships with local food banks, community gardens and mobile food pantries.

New Mexico

In New Mexico, MolicaCares is working with local organizations to address food security and improve resources for workforce development and job training.


The MolinaCares Accord is focused on improving health and dental care for minority populations in Ohio. Through a multi-year $1.4 million investment, MolinaCares is funding scholarships at the top two dental schools in the state of Ohio for candidates that support diversity. Recipients will be asked to practice dentistry upon graduation in a dental shortage area of Ohio.


The MolinaCares Accord is proud to sponsor virtual panel discussions about important health topics like maternal health in Texas, and partnerships with Feeding Texas and other local community organizations. Our dedication to providing access to care stretches across Texas.


In Washington, MolinaCares is focused on addressing the behavioral health crisis by committing resources to mental health curriculum, community redevelopment, youth peer counseling, and behavioral health workforce training.