Why I Serve Ohio

Molina Healthcare of Ohio’s team is dedicated to offering the best care possible to their members, and passionate about service that exceeds expectations to build lasting relationships with the Ohio community. Many times, this involves long hours, side projects, and unique dedication to the details that individual Molina members need. The Why I Serve campaign features stories from Molina care managers, community connectors, partners, and all our staff about why they serve our Molina Medicaid members and provide excellent care throughout Ohio. 

Lisa Rutkowski

“One of the members I work with as a Molina Case Manager was dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic pain, addiction, and anxiety – the combination making it difficult for her to communicate via telephone and in person.

I took on the legwork, connecting her with all new providers and specialists in the Molina Ohio network, even had her behavioral health provider meet her at her car and walk her inside the medical office to help alleviate her anxiety. It’s about proactively addressing our member’s health needs. I hear often from this member on how she appreciates the check-in calls I provide, and seeing this member’s health, and the health of so many like her, improve after we addressed her barriers to care is why I serve.”

Nicole Hamo

“As a Molina case manager, I work with a foster care child living with Cornelia de Lange syndrome. For any child, this is a challenging diagnosis, but it’s an even greater challenge for a young child in the foster care system.

But these are the opportunities for me to make the biggest impact. Working with his foster mom, we were able to arrange for coverage of specialized equipment necessary to improve his mobility, vision, and hearing. Hearing his foster mother tell me about him seeing his reflection for the first time, about him finally hearing his family speak to him, and hearing her excitement when she was finally able to adopt him and know he has found his Forever Family is what makes my job so special. It is why I serve.”

Aisa Burton

“As a Community Connector for Molina I have been working for eight years to connect Ohioans to resources and services to improve their health and wellbeing.

I am on the ground working at a local food market that provides fresh produce and other food at no cost for neighbors in the community. It’s a great opportunity to build relationships with Molina members and serve as a trusted partner in answering questions about their individual needs. At my desk, I have members come check in with me to show their health progress – including one member so proud of her weight loss after a recent bariatric surgery.

Seeing the sparkle in her eyes as she celebrates her progress and knowing how our work with her will impact her health and her family’s is why I serve. There is no better feeling.”

Cheryl Faroughi

“As a child, my father suffered a work injury that left him disabled for many years, so much so that my mother’s full-time job became caring for him. Throughout those years, my family was on public assistance and needed help in accessing essential services and resources – so I know well the challenges many of the Molina members I am fortunate to work with today face. As a child, I had a feeling of not belonging while attending school, and even doctors’ appointments. These were some of the most challenging moments of my life and working to erase that stigma and for a company addressing so many of the social determinants of health is so important to me today.

Thankfully, my father recovered from his injury and returned to work years later. My parents, my upbringing, and ultimately this life experience allowed me to understand the importance of helping others. This is why I serve today, and I hope I can use my experience to benefit the lives we serve in Ohio.”

Christine Needham

“In June, it’ll be five years that I’ve been with Molina Healthcare of Ohio – and my work has felt impactful from the start. I am currently working with the pre-release program and the behavioral health team to help formerly incarcerated Ohioans transition back into their communities. This work means connecting my members to health care providers, housing services, work programs, and making sure they are ready to hit the ground running in their new environments. I love seeing my members living and thriving in their communities and using their talents and skills to impact the lives of those around them. It is truly rewarding work – it’s why I serve.”

Kelly Mcgivern

“I have seen first-hand the tragedy that can come from not having access to healthcare, particularly behavioral health care. I am proud to work for a company that has stayed true to its original mission, serving those in need of government assistance. I know the work I do improves the lives of those we serve! That’s why I serve.”