About The MolinaCares Accord

Who We Are

Established by Molina Healthcare, Inc., The MolinaCares Accord oversees a community investment platform created to improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged populations. We do this by funding meaningful, measurable, innovative programs and solutions that improve health, life and living where it matters most: In our local communities. Everyone has the right to a healthy, vibrant life and we’re here to erase disparities that keep people from achieving their true potential.

Who We Serve

Health is a universal human right, but despite our best efforts as an industry and as a society, barriers remain that make access to care difficult or impossible for significant segments of the population. As a champion of better health for those in need, we serve all who are challenged or threatened by inequities by helping them improve their lives now and into the future

Our Mission

Our mission is to use our finances, thought leadership and available resources to support innovative initiatives, partnerships and programs that significantly improve access to care and quality of life for those who are disadvantaged, delivering measurable positive outcomes in the communities we serve.

Our Vision

We will change life and health for the better by identifying and reducing racial, social and financial barriers to the access and delivery of quality health care.

We choose to put our money where our heart is by funding innovative solutions that improve health and life because we care.