Texas Newsletter
Posted by The MolinaCares Accord

The MolinaCares Accord in Texas

The MolinaCares Accord (MolinaCares) and Molina Healthcare of Texas (MHT) work together to provide seamless care to Texans, addressing direct healthcare needs and the social determinants of health that prevent them from achieving a high quality of life.

MHT links Texans to a large network of best-in-class doctors, nurses, and care teams who focus on whole-person care for adults and children. MolinaCares supports the community organizations that address necessary social services so many Texans rely on to meet their needs. Together, we work tirelessly to keep communities across Texas healthy and thriving.

Our newsletters highlight how MolinaCares and MHT work every day to keep Texans healthy by providing services and community resources, hosting events, and distributing critical funding to nonprofits to address the needs of Texans.

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