Why I Serve Wisconsin

Molina Healthcare of Wisconsin is dedicated to serving our members and providing the best possible care that improves the health and well-being of the communities we serve. The Molina team is passionate about meeting each individual Molina member’s unique needs in the pursuit of building stronger communities across our state.  

The Why I Serve campaign highlights the personal stories of some of our team members and why they are committed to the work they do in service to our plan members. Hear from Molina case managers, specialists, and other staff who help us go the extra mile to provide excellent care throughout Wisconsin.

Shana Brown
Community Engagement Specialist
1 year with Molina

When I am out serving others in the community, I strive to embody qualities such as relatability, reliability, and friendliness. I work to establish connections with various community-based organizations and individual community members, aiming to be a resourceful and supportive presence. I am dedicated to assisting people whenever possible, sharing knowledge, and facilitating access to information that empowers individuals to succeed in life.

In a previous role where I led an HIV Prevention group for African American women in Wisconsin, there was a transformative moment with one participant who reached out to me following a discussion on Intimate Partner Relationships. Together we explored ways for her to make better decisions in her life. After completing the group, she took a bold step by enrolling in a Human Services Program at a local college and even interned with me. She credited our open conversations about personal experiences for inspiring her to make positive behavioral changes and become motivated to support other women facing similar challenges. Our connection grew into a friendship, and she continues to be a messenger of health information within our community. It’s a testament to the profound impact one person’s encouragement can have in fostering a culture of support and empowerment.

In my role as a growth and community engagement specialist, I actively engage with the community, building relationships and offering a range of culturally relevant resources and services. I see myself as a go-to person for various needs, whether it’s assisting with insurance coverage or connecting individuals to mental health services. I’ve cultivated a large network through my previous roles, allowing me to assist community members with multiple issues by making connections that resonate with their cultural context. Growing up in this community and witnessing the struggles of my family and others I know, I naturally have a deep-seated desire to lend a hand whenever possible. I see myself as a guardian of well-being, ready to attend to concerns and advocate for the needs of the community in spaces where their voices may otherwise be unheard. 

Allison Navin
Growth and Community Engagement Specialist
8 months with Molina

Service is important to me because I am passionate about healthy and connected communities. Serving the public by connecting them to resources and services as well as connecting people to each other is my contribution to building a healthy community to live in.

In my everyday work in the community, I’m able to serve members wherever they are and collaborate directly with partners who are serving the populations we both support. Together, we advance our shared missions and goals to create a cohesive experience for everyone and reduce barriers to care.


Nicole Arnold
Community Connector
7 years with Molina

My daily work helps people get what they need.  Sometimes our members don’t know what benefits they have or where they can go to get the care they need. I am able to assist with that and ensure their needs are being met by connecting them to a variety of resources. The most common needs are food, housing, clothing, jobs, and assisting with finding providers and scheduling appointments.

I once worked with a member who was living in a homeless shelter after serving time for a hit-and-run, alcohol-related car accident. He was working so hard to turn his life around and become a better person. With the help of a collaborative team, I was able to find him stable housing and a job helping others. 

Karen Felstead
Sr. Program Manager – Member Advocate
13 years with Molina

As the member advocate at Molina Healthcare of Wisconsin, I’ve had a significant and positive impact on the individuals I serve by ensuring access to care, resolving issues, promoting preventive care, and empowering members to take control of their health.

I frequently serve as the go-to resource for our member services team, case managers, and community connectors when addressing enrollment and eligibility concerns, especially in situations where members might lose their Molina coverage. For example, in instances where a child might urgently require emergency dental care due to pain, I can offer reassurance to the parent by swiftly restarting their Molina coverage within the hour. This ensures that they can promptly take their child to the dentist on the same day, significantly impacting and improving the lives of our members of all ages.

I actively participate in regional enrollment network meetings and Health Watch sessions, where the Wisconsin Department of Health Services provides important updates. In this capacity, I play a key role in keeping our employees and members well-informed about a variety of topics and the best community agencies to offer assistance.

Katie Luther
Director, Provider Network Administration
1 year with Molina

Making sure our members have access to quality providers in their community is critical to helping improve their health and quality of life. My team works to ensure Molina has a robust provider network for our members, across all lines of business. We perform analyses to ensure we are meeting or exceeding standards set by our regulators. In areas where we do not have an adequate network, we research and identify provider groups who would be a positive addition to our network.

My team also processes provider demographic updates and credentialing applications, which verify that the providers our members see are safe and high quality. It also ensures our provider online directory contains accurate information for our 30,000+ provider network so that members can rely on our website when they’re in need of care.

In 2023, as we prepared for a geographic expansion effective January 1, 2024, my team performed multiple iterations of network analysis. This work helped to provide quality care options for our Medicaid members in 10 new rural counties of Wisconsin. Many times, these members are left with few options due to the sparse nature of providers in the area or interest in health plans to expand to counties that offer fewer covered lives to serve. Together, we were able to start making a positive impact in their lives.

Chelsea Terry
Member Health Assessor
8 years with Molina

As a health assessor, I reach out to help our Medicaid members when they are first enrolled and then annually for check-ins. I help our members find providers, educate them on health and behavioral health issues, and get them connected to community resources like food, energy assistance, and housing. I support our members by looking at their health in one big picture and figuring out how we at Molina can best serve them.

Once, I worked with a member who we had been unable to contact for several years. She expressed that COVID-19 put her into a “depression cycle” where she felt anxious and unable to care for herself. She recently started seeking help from a general doctor and felt good but was starting to lose motivation to make follow-up visits to the doctor’s referrals. She took my call as a sign from God that she needed to keep going and resumed making the calls. I was proud to be a source of motivation for her to improve her health and quality of life.

When working with members, I provide endless community resources and referrals for everything from vision contact information to health educational materials to applications for energy assistance to durable medical equipment; the list goes on and on. The assessment that I complete with our members is very comprehensive and can give me an idea of different educational tools or resources that I can provide in order to empower the members to manage their overall well-being.

Jenny Chevalier
Community Engagement Specialist
1 year with Molina

I was raised in a service-driven family. My dad volunteered for many organizations and events and showed us that giving back is a basic tenant of a community. In my community engagement role, I often meet people in need of assistance in one or more aspects of their lives and I work with organizations that provide services in the community. Connecting those in need to the resources they need, as well as to the people who can provide continued support, is what makes my work so rewarding and really shows firsthand that Molina cares.

I collaborate with community-based organizations on events, answer member questions, and connect community members with services. The greatest service I provide is listening to peoples’ needs and connecting them to local resources and to each other.

Going the extra mile and connecting members to people who can support them is why I love my role with Molina Healthcare of Wisconsin. We are making the community a safer, healthier place and I get to be on the frontlines. The work I do matters!

Cheryl LoCicero
Executive Assistant
10 years with Molina

Volunteering helps me better understand and make a difference in the lives of people in my diverse community.  It reminds me to be grateful for all that I have and gives me the chance to bring a smile to those who need it. It’s surprising how far a kind word or just a smile goes! In each of my volunteer efforts, I strive to spread the feeling to our members that someone truly cares.

In my role, I’ve had the opportunity not only to help members in-person, but I’ve also seen the impact that we collectively as a team can have when coworkers are motivated to serve members together. I have facilitated charity donation drives at our company plan, and the generosity shown by our staff is overwhelming! It warms my heart how much we all care about our community. I truly do love what I do and am honored to serve our members in this great state of Wisconsin.

Michele Merk
Provider Quality and Practice Transformation Manager
8 years with Molina

Every role I’ve held at Molina in my eight years has been directly tied to improving the lives of those we serve. As the Provider Quality and Practice Transformation Manager, I collaborate closely with provider groups, recognizing the profound trust people place in nursing (a profession I’m proud to represent).

Together with our providers, we strive to elevate healthcare quality for our members, ensuring better access to comprehensive care and ultimately fostering improved health outcomes. My work embodies the essence of population health, facilitating positive changes within provider offices to benefit a significant subset of our members. By streamlining processes, sharing resources, and offering support to our providers, I contribute to delivering the highest standard of care to our members, empowering both patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Additionally, working within the communities we serve holds personal significance for me because I am able to serve family, friends and neighbors. Understanding the barriers and stressors our community faces fuels my motivation to excel in my role every day. I value the close-knit connection we have with our members and appreciate the resources available to us. Being able to continue my passion for health education within this setting is fulfilling, and I’m grateful for the opportunities provided to me to serve and explore new avenues of impact.