Why I Serve Massachusetts

Senior Whole Health by Molina Healthcare (SWH) is dedicated to serving our members and providing the best possible care that improves Bay Staters’ health and lives. The entire SWH team is passionate about meeting each individual  member’s unique needs in the pursuit of building stronger communities across our state.

The Why I Serve campaign highlights the personal stories of some of our team members and why they are committed to the work they do in service to our members. Hear from SWH leadership, nurse care managers, and other staff that help us go the extra mile to provide excellent care throughout Massachusetts.

Bill Graham, Plan President

Medfield, MA

2 Years with SWH

Massachusetts is and always will be home to me. I was born and raised in Massachusetts. I graduated from high school, college and law school here. I’ve raised my own family here. I’ve seen family members and loved ones age here. As my forever home state, it is important for me to make sure I give back to the community that gave me so much.  

As plan president of Senior Whole Health, I have the privilege of leading a team that provides services that help with something that is important to all of us – our health. For the last 20 years, the core of Senior Whole Health’s work has been ensuring our aging population receives the support and care they need to thrive. Navigating the health care system during this period of life can be challenging for anyone, but it can be especially challenging for those with limited resources and those whose primary language is not English.  

Our team works tirelessly to make a positive difference in the lives of our members by taking into consideration their diverse cultural backgrounds. We have an incredibly dedicated, diverse and multi-lingual team committed to giving back to our communities and providing the highest quality care. I am honored every day to lead a team that goes above and beyond for our members and our communities.  

At Senior Whole Health, quality care also means helping our members remain in their homes. I’m proud of our recent partnerships and investments in place-based supports. We also work hard to offer our local communities events, initiatives, and resources that help people stay connected and feel supported.  

As a Massachusetts native, I am committed to preserving the dignity, health, and voice of our communities – and that is Why I Serve.  

Dr. Christopher Post, Chief Medical Officer

Newton, MA

7 Years with SWH

Throughout my career, I have seen the impact of care inequities on people’s health. From my first job out of residency at a community health center in a predominantly Black community to working at a Spanish-speaking clinic in Boston and now as the Chief Medical Officer for Senior Whole Health, I have had the honor of collaborating with incredible providers and staff to bridge gaps in access to care.   

It has been my commitment as a physician to improve the health and lives of my patients by addressing the financial, cultural, and social disadvantages they face. We have the same commitment at Senior Whole Health, and this is felt at every level of the organization. That begins with meeting our members where they are and addressing their challenges head on through individualized care plans, supportive housing, food assistance, and community building for seniors to address social isolation.  

I am particularly proud of the fact that Senior Whole Health has members that have been with us for well over a decade. This is a testament to our dedicated and responsive nurse care managers and how integral they are to our members’ lives. For our nurses, this is more than a job; serving members brings them pride and joy.  

When people ask me what I do for a living, I don’t just tell them I work for Senior Whole Health. I tell them I work for a health plan that is committed to helping people overcome inequities and giving our members and communities the best chance of living healthier lives. That’s Why I Serve.   


Lori Varley, Case Manager

Assonet, MA

4 Years with SWH

My first experience with Senior Whole Health was as the granddaughter of a member. I saw how Senior Whole Health stepped in to support our family in caring for my grandmother, who was one of its original members. Seeing how they cared for my grandmother made my decision to work for Senior Whole Health a personal one – and it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.  

I help bridge gaps in care for seniors from under-resourced communities and work to keep them safe in their homes. Many of our patients do not speak English, which can make it difficult for them to express their true needs. To address this issue, I work closely with translators to communicate with members in their native languages, including Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Cape Verdean, Creole, Portuguese, and Spanish. This helps me build a stronger relationship with our members and ensure they receive everything they need.   

I also serve as an advocate for our members. When I first started working at SWH, I had a member whose house was in foreclosure. She was overwhelmed, in denial about the situation, and unwilling to fill out housing applications, which left her homeless.  Because of Senior Whole Health’s strong community partnerships, I was able to get her into a hotel and later secured affordable elderly housing based in her home community. I was also able to connect her to additional resources and funds to pay for household items, food, and rent. In a month, we were able to get her back on her feet and provide her with the daily care that she required.  

I’m proud to work for a health plan that allows me to give our members the time, attention, and individualized care that they deserve. Building relationships with our members and seeing their health and well-being improve over time is one of the most fulfilling parts of my job – and that is Why I Serve.


Erica D’Amore, Community Nurse Care Manager

Dartmouth, MA

6 Years with SWH

I always knew I belonged in the health care industry. Seeing my grandparents in and out of skilled nursing facilities and homes not only inspired me to pursue a nursing degree but also secured a special place in my heart for seniors. As a community nurse care manager with Senior Whole Health, I can live out my passions of advocating for our elderly members and caring for their health.   

I also see firsthand the importance of culturally sensitive care and how my understanding of the Portuguese culture has been able to support our Portuguese members. I was born and raised in Massachusetts as a first-generation Portuguese American and know how language can be a barrier to care and daily living. The ability to communicate with them in their native language helps me ensure our members are comfortable and have a good understanding of the services and assistance we can provide, including scheduling appointments and transportation, communicating with physicians, or adjusting to new caregivers coming into their homes.  

It is always rewarding when I can successfully provide connections to care and services that our members want, especially when I’m able to ease members’ burdens, anxieties and frustrations by helping overcome persistent obstacles. That is Why I Serve. 


Claire Easter, Nurse Care Manager

West Bridgewater, MA

7 Years with SWH

My interest in nursing came from tragedy – witnessing hospice care when I lost both my nephew and brother. In addition to being a hospice nurse, I’ve been a pediatric nurse, visiting nurse and now nurse care manager throughout my career.  However, I knew that working with older adults was my calling from the moment I worked as a licensed practical nurse in a nursing home. Now as a registered nurse, I have found my forever job.  

At Senior Whole Health, I am able to care for our Massachusetts seniors day after day. I love engaging with my members, listening to their stories, and hearing what they have to say and how they feel. I want to give them everything they need, so this dialogue helps me identify how we can best serve them. Whether it’s providing transportation to and from medical appointments, referring members to behavioral health services, acting as a liaison with doctors, providing food and personal care support, keeping members safe in their homes and more – we are there for our members when they need us most.  

One thing that sets this health plan apart is our commitment to the community. We have a state-of-the-art mobile RV that visits areas throughout Massachusetts offering blood pressure screenings and health education. We also offer and participate in volunteer opportunities to support many local organizations that serve individuals in need. I’m particularly proud of the telethon we did for Greater Boston Food Bank at a local TV station. We as a team made personal contributions towards food security in the commonwealth.  

From the day patients enter our care, strong relationships are formed between patients and nurses. Our members truly become a part of our families. It is an honor to provide patients with the care they need to be comfortable and healthy to remain in their own home in this stage of life – and that is Why I Serve.  

Nadine Dasilva, Community Nurse Care Manager

Somerset, MA

15 Years with SWH

My interest in nursing was inspired by my mother who spent 50 years in the medical field, mostly as a licensed nurse. I watched her go through nursing school when I was in elementary school, and we would sit at the dinner table after supper and do homework together. Shortly after high school, I followed in my mother’s footsteps and became a nurse. I’ve been in this field for nearly 39 years – 15 of which I have spent with Senior Whole Health.  

I have immense respect and admiration for our elders. As a nurse care manager, I have returned to the neighborhoods in Fall River where I spent my childhood and now care for the older adults who built this community – many who are parents and grandparents of old friends and neighbors. Two of the women I currently care for worked alongside my grandmother in the hospital where I was born, volunteered and worked. Helping these women and other elders of this community through this chapter in their lives brings about full-circle moments that make what I do extremely fulfilling and rewarding. 

Senior Whole Health is the epitome of teamwork. In all my years as a nurse, the level of collaboration I’ve experienced at SWH is unparallel when it comes to caring for our members. Our nurses, providers, community and sales teams come together to identify and connect our members to resources, benefits and services available to them within SWH and through our local partnerships. 

Understanding the strength of community and connection, one of the most important parts of my role is helping our members stay in their homes and communities as long as possible. Home is where the heart is and where our members want to be. At SWH, this also means offering care where they are. By caring for seniors on their terms, I can physically see and assess obstacles in their day-to-day lives and discuss ways to support them. We are truly our members’ biggest advocates and take pride in forging deep, lasting relationships to provide the best care possible.   

Senior Whole Health is family. As nurses, we’re not just caring for our patients; we care about them. Giving back to this generation is a privilege and it’s Why I Serve.