Why I Serve Texas

Rebecca S.

As the Director of Health Care Services for Utilization Management in the Medicaid department at Molina Healthcare of Texas, I help our members navigate the often complex utilization management system in Medicaid, and ensure they receive the medical care their providers prescribe. 

I once met a father who was struggling to get his son in-home IV treatments that were necessary for his chronic condition. I helped to ensure the family was able to access providers who could prescribe his son’s medications and administer treatments in his home. The father has stayed in touch since then, both for help when he and his son have issues accessing care and to share his son’s progress. 

My Molina members trust me to help them access the care they need where and when they need it most.  It’s #WhyIServe. 

Isabel D.

I am a Community Engagement Specialist with Molina Healthcare of Texas, where I work with community-based organizations to connect Molina members and neighbors to resources and services to keep them healthy and living productive and happy lives.  

At a recent event where Molina was helping a drive-thru food pantry deliver food directly to individuals and families in their cars, I met a Molina member who approached my table before the food distribution event began. He was excited to see Molina taking such an active role in addressing food insecurity and nutrition issues. He shared the positive experience he had enrolling in Medicare thanks to an associate in Molina’s call center. But as a senior eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, he was now struggling with enrolling in Medicaid.  

Working hand-in-hand with him to ensure he was able to gain coverage was yet another reminder of why I love being the face of Molina in the community.  

Helping my community access best-in-class care and the resources and services they need to thrive is #WhyIServe.