Why I Serve New Mexico

Molina Healthcare of New Mexico (MHNM) is dedicated to serving our members and providing the best possible care that improves New Mexicans’ health and lives. The entire MHNM team is passionate about meeting each individual Molina member’s unique needs in the pursuit of building stronger communities across our state.  

The Why I Serve campaign highlights the personal stories of some of our team members and why they are committed to the work they do in service to our members. Hear from Molina case managers, specialists, and other staff that help us go the extra mile to provide excellent care throughout our state. 

As a proud native and lifelong resident of New Mexico, it is an honor for me to work towards improving the lives of all New Mexicans. During my time serving as the state’s Medicaid director and in the private sector, I have witnessed widespread disparities many people experience in accessing quality health care. As plan president of Molina Healthcare of New Mexico, it is my honor and duty to address existing health inequities, especially in the areas of maternal and child health care as well as behavioral health.  

As a third-generation New Mexican, the beautiful diversity of our state continues to inspire me to help fellow residents access the best possible health care and community services available to them. This is Why I Serve. 

Carolyn Ingram, Plan President 

I have been a Case Manager (RN) with Molina for 7 years. In this role, I am in a unique position to provide assistance to our members from all walks of life. I am honored to be able to provide resources to our members to help them achieve their personal goals for healthcare management.  

Our members come to me with many questions like, “how do I find a Provider in my area?” and “I don’t understand my medications or how to get them.” I work with these members to ensure that their health care needs are met. I take the time to listen to their concerns and answer their questions. Many members have told me “I called you because you make things happen!”  

I had a member who was having issues getting her diabetic supplies for several months. I made multiple phone calls, followed up with her to make sure she received all of her needed supplies, and helped set her up on a schedule to ensure that she had adequate supplies delivered to her. Her heartfelt appreciation (and relief) for all  my efforts was so nice to hear. She knew she would not be healthy without the lifesaving supplies she needed for management of her Type 1 Diabetes.  

It is an honor and privilege for me to work with these members. I really want to see my members succeed – and that is Why I Serve.    

Margaret King, Case Manager (RN)

“As a health plan pharmacist, I work to ensure appropriate and safe medication use while being mindful of available health care resources. Patients need access to critical medications at a cost they can afford, and it can be a complicated system to navigate. I help our members and our pharmacy partners navigate the nuances of their medication coverage options.  

I also work to ensure that my pharmacist colleagues working on the frontlines serving New Mexicans are getting the support they need. Pharmacists are the most accessible health care professionals and are key players in health equity. Anyone can access a pharmacist free of charge, regardless of their background and current status. They are invaluable resources for New Mexico. This is Why I Serve. 

Laura Schwartz, Health Plan Pharmacist

While I am a newer member of the Molina team, my entire career has been focused on providing compassionate care to patients in a timely manner. As a longtime resident of New Mexico, I have seen firsthand the challenges of the health care system. My philosophy has always been that we need to keep patients at the forefront of our mission, a perspective that is shared at Molina. 

In one instance, we had a member with a significant increase in the use of emergency room services. After looking into their situation, we found the patient didn’t know where to access appropriate care because they didn’t speak English. With the help of a Case Manager, we intervened and found a provider who spoke the patient’s native language of Spanish. By taking action, the patient had access to care that was far more appropriate than the ER. The patient was happy we were able to meet their needs and we saw their quality of care improve. 

There are always opportunities to find new solutions to challenges. We are dedicated to meeting members where they are and being innovative, creative, and responsive to their needs. That is Why I Serve.” 

Ron Stern, Vice President