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Molina Healthcare of Texas Expands In-Home Program Through Community Partnership

Caroline Zubieta,, 562-951-1588

HOUSTON, March 22, 2022 – Molina Healthcare of Texas (“Molina”) and MedArrive have partnered to offer an innovative program that provides in-home health care services to at-risk Molina members in the greater Houston area. The program is designed to improve the health and quality of life for Molina’s vulnerable and hard-to-reach members, including seniors, while also helping them navigate the complex health care system.

“Managing and navigating the intricacies of health care can be daunting, especially for underserved or elderly populations,” said Chris Coffey, plan president of Molina Healthcare of Texas. “Our partnership with MedArrive will better connect vulnerable members with the resources they need to improve their health outcomes while reducing visits to emergency rooms.”

The new mobile-integrated health care program connects pre-identified Molina Texas Medicaid members with MedArrive’s field provider network of highly trained, skilled paramedics, EMTs, and other health care professionals.

Field providers will deliver a mix of in-home health care services, diagnostics, health assessments, and other important preventive health measures. When higher-acuity care is needed, members will be connected with physician-led telemedicine services. Field providers and case management teams will also identify care gaps and help members address social needs including transportation, nutrition, behavioral health needs, and mobility challenges.

“We’re incredibly proud of the success our collaboration with Molina has produced during this pilot program, and we look forward to scaling it throughout Houston and beyond,” said Dan Trigub, co-founder and CEO of MedArrive.

“As a fire captain, I would only see patients on calls in their immediate crisis,” said Keith Bailey, a MedArrive field provider and former captain from the Houston Fire Department. “Now I am able to develop a relationship with Molina members and really work to help improve their health outcomes.”

About Molina Healthcare of Texas

Molina Healthcare of Texas has been providing government-funded health care since 2006. The Company serves members through Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare, Medicare-Medicaid (Duals) and Health Insurance Exchange programs, with service areas across Texas. Molina Healthcare, Inc., a FORTUNE 500 company, served approximately 5.2 million members as of December 31, 2021. For more information about Molina Healthcare of Texas, visit

About MedArrive

MedArrive enables healthcare providers and payors to power care services into the home, unlocking access to high-quality healthcare for more people at a fraction of the cost. MedArrive’s fully integrated care management platform allows payors and providers to bridge the virtual care gap by marrying physician-led telemedicine with hands-on care from EMS professionals, both EMTs and Paramedics. This unique approach means that patients can access trusted medical expertise from the comfort and safety of their homes without any interruption to the continuity of care, ultimately resulting in better patient outcomes, a better-utilized healthcare workforce, and significant cost savings for patients and providers alike. MedArrive has more than 50k highly-skilled EMS providers in its national network, and services span dozens of clinical use cases, including chronic condition management, transitional care, readmission prevention, urgent care, vaccinations, palliative care, and more. For more information, visit