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Molina Healthcare of California Plan President Chairs Go Red for Women campaign in Sacramento

By Abbie Totten, Plan President, Molina Healthcare of California, Chair, Go Red for Women Sacramento 

Go Red for Women, a signature initiative of the American Heart Association, is a platform designed to increase heart health awareness and serves as a catalyst for change to improve the lives of women globally. I have the honor of serving as chair of the Go Red for Women campaign in Sacramento

The past two years have been tough on heart health. The pandemic led to many of us losing focus on the routines that once kept us heart healthy. While COVID-19 is still a concern, cardiovascular disease continues to be our greatest health threat.  

This year, the Go Red for Women campaign encourages women to Reclaim Your Rhythm and take back control of your physical health and mental well-being. 

The Reclaim Your Rhythm web-based platform provides simple, but potentially life-changing, tools and suggestions for making music a part of your healthy habits.  

Here are some examples from the Go Red for Women campaign on how to Reclaim Your Rhythm:  

  • Mellow Out and Reduce Stress – Music is a universal language that connects, soothes, and inspires. Let’s use it to get healthier. Curate and share a playlist that helps you and other women reclaim your rhythm. Be it a soundtrack for rallying or resting, cardio or mediation, we’ll look forward to finding your personal medley for well-being on social media. 
  • Get Up and Move to the GrooveOne key to better health and mental well-being is getting into the rhythm of an active lifestyle. Staying active may lower blood pressure, control weight gain, pump more oxygen into your heart and reduce stress—a leading cause of heart attacks and strokes. Use your playlist to inspire you to start moving today which will jump-start a more active lifestyle that delivers these heart healthy benefits. 
  • Feed Your Soul, Rock Your RecipesCreate a family rhythm by eating meals together for a chance to connect and decompress. Regular meals at home with family reduces stress, boosts self-esteem, and makes the whole family feel connected. 

I am not only personally committed to this issue, but as Molina Healthcare of California’s plan president, I am happy to add that Molina continues to have a strong commitment to promoting heart health and ensuring that all Californians have access to care.  

In 2020, MolinaCares launched its California Equity and Accessibility Initiative committing nearly two million dollars to advance health equity throughout the state.  MolinaCares continues its support of the American Heart Association to address health equity by tailoring well-being initiatives serving seniors, youth, and the re-entry population in historically under-resourced communities. 

Go Red for Women is bigger than wearing red and it’s bigger than sharing heart health facts. It’s about supporting all women in taking charge of their own heart health, as well as the health of those they can’t bear to live without.  

Making a commitment to your health isn’t something you have to do alone either, so grab a friend or a family member and Go Red today! 

Visit our campaign page for more information and to attend our upcoming Go Red for Women Sacramento event.