Why I Serve Florida

Molina Healthcare of Florida (MHF) is dedicated to serving our members and providing the best possible care that improves Floridians’ health and lives. The entire MHF team is passionate about meeting each individual Molina member’s unique needs in the pursuit of building stronger communities across our state.  

The Why I Serve campaign highlights the personal stories of some of our team members and why they are committed to the work they do in service to our members. Hear from Molina case managers, specialists, and other staff that help us go the extra mile to provide excellent care throughout Florida. 

Dania Batista, Vice President of Healthcare Services

Florida Why I Serve

Growing up with grandparents and seeing their health take a turn led to the innate feeling of wanting to help people. I knew I wanted to be a nurse before I was ten years old. As vice president of healthcare services with Molina, I strive to build and improve programs, provide tools and guidance, and motivate our employees so they are best equipped to have a transformative impact for our members. 

I believe there is a solution for every situation and a way to help people reach a better place or mindset to face the problem. Our programs are geared toward allowing members the time to be heard and supported so our employees can provide relevant education, guidance, and a voice to advocate on their behalf. Listening builds trust and once trust is established, our team works to improve quality of life and care through kindness, humor, and a positive attitude regardless of the outcome. This is exactly Why I Serve.   

Kathleen Eckhardt, Transition of Care Coach  

I have been with Molina for seven years as a transition of care coach. I came into this position after working as a correctional nurse for many years. When given the chance to join the Molina family, it seemed to be a natural fit. As a team, we are given the chance to take care of and assist the most vulnerable members in our community who are in need of services like food, shelter, and basic care.  

Every day we empower patients to direct their own health needs and that of their families. Working as a team across multiple departments, we have the tools to best serve our members to be able to feel in charge of their own destinies. I truly want to see our members succeed – and that is Why I Serve.

Florida Why I Serve

Rafael Mestre, Manager of Clinical Concierge Program

Florida Why I Serve

My Molina story begins in 2009, the year I left behind my family and my life as a physician to look for opportunities in the United States. For over 6 months I traveled with a group of fellow physicians, first from Venezuela to Colombia and through the Amazon rainforest to Brazil where I finally got my ticket to the United States. Without knowing a word of English, I took a leap of faith and started my new life here. 

Through the kindness of others, I was able to begin my new journey. Like the instructor who referred me to my first research program; or the research supervisor who spent every evening with me before class, teaching me the lesson in Spanish so I could understand it; or my colleagues who welcomed me into the Molina family after I got my nursing degree and completed training to become a nurse practitioner.  

I lost almost everything from my former life – including my certification as a doctor – but I never lost the drive to give back to those in need. When people ask me if I miss being a doctor, I reply that my passion is not with my degree but with helping people.  

I have been with Molina for over nine years, and I am now helping to implement a new Clinical Concierge Program, which identifies and provides alternative resources for patients who are denied provider services for lack of criteria or uncovered benefits. 

Every person deserves access to care and services. I make sure that our patients are given every ounce of care that can be provided, whether that be breaking language barriers, helping a patient receive the medications they need at fairer prices, or following up with patients who are discharged to help them grow and recover.   

I have faced many hurdles in life, but every person I met taught me a new lesson that I bring into my work every day. I came to this country without family support or knowing what the future held, but I am here to tell others that they can do it. It is never too late for a new start. With the help of Molina, I am currently working towards my doctorate, recognizing that degrees are not medals, but keys to opening new doors for myself, and more importantly to helping others – and that is Why I Serve.

Tammy Smith, Transition of Care Coach

I currently serve as a transition of care coach with the Molina Florida Specialty Plan, but I am also a veteran, a mom of an adult son with a disability, and a sibling to someone with a serious mental health diagnosis and a substance abuse issue. Out of necessity I have learned the ins and outs of the Florida healthcare system, community services, and local non-profits – and I am grateful to bring that experience to my work at Molina every day. 

In my daily work, I handle the transitions of care for discharged patients who need help and services to return to normal life after the hospital. I am here to ease the burden and link members with individualized behavioral health services, assist with applying for disability, find affordable housing when needed, and educate the member on any additional avenues such as the State Medicaid Waiver Program.  

I work extensively with our members to make sure they do not end up back in the hospital unless additional care is essential to moving forward. I had one patient who was having a harder time outside the hospital, and I helped her get placed at a state hospital where she was safe, able to care for herself, and had all the resources needed to get better. I understand how challenging it is to reach out to a stranger to ask for help so I make an effort to break down barriers and build connections with patients. 

It is an absolute privilege to offer assistance, serve with compassion, and guide patients to healing, whether that be scheduling a checkup meeting or finding safe housing. I was never looking to work in social services, but my daily experiences continue to shape me into who I am today, and that is Why I Serve. 

Florida Why I Serve

Rosa M Toledo Cordero, Provider Network Manager

Florida Why I Serve

I have been working with Molina for the past six years and currently serve as a Provider Network Manager, where I consistently keep an open line of communication with key providers in the South Dade and Monroe County areas, ensuring a seamless contracting process and a satisfied provider that knows they matter to Molina.

Through my time working on many projects, teams, and cross-functional initiatives, I can honestly say that I love my job and enjoy the opportunity to help out in my community and be a mentor to my teammates. Molina is a great organization to work for as they care not only about their members, but their employees and communities!   

I participate in many of the Molina sponsored volunteer events and take advantage of Molina’s “volunteer time off” (VTO) which allows people like me – that aren’t involved directly with member engagement – the opportunity to interact directly with the community and gain firsthand experience with our members. 

One of my favorite volunteer events was last Thanksgiving when we came together as a team to host a food drive for those in need during the holiday season. The smiles on their faces when we walked up to their cars and put the food in their trucks were priceless! This is just one of the happy moments that resulted from seeing how many people took part in the event and knew that Molina was there to help. Making a real difference in our communities is Why I Serve.