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    Molina Healthcare of Illinois Launches Molina Closet Program at the Boys and Girls Club of Alton

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    Molina Healthcare of Illinois and MolinaCares Accord Announce COVID-19 Scholarship Program Winners

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    Molina Healthcare of California Provides Winter Coats and $10,000 Grant for Meals in Support of River Delta Schools

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    MolinaCares California Equity and Accessibility Initiative

    The MolinaCares Accord, in collaboration with Molina Healthcare of California, launched our California Equity and Accessibility Initiative with an initial $1.6 million commitment to advance health…

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    The MolinaCares Accord Hosts Panel on Behavioral Health Workforce Capacity in Washington

    Washington is facing record behavioral health workforce shortages due to increased need and inadequate funding and compensation, resulting in decreased access to care for patients.

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    Molina Healthcare Donates Office Space, $10,000 Grant to GLO preemies NICU Program at Sacramento Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony